Crossy Road Cheats


  • It is best to move forward through swipes instead of taps. Swipe upwards to move up, downwards to go back to your first position, and to the left or right to go in that direction.
  • When cars are on the road moving in a synchronized pattern, run fast with quick taps to move in a straight line. Tap carefully in order not to  make any extra taps that will put you past your goal destination and in-front of an obstacle.
  • Every single obstacle has an opening that can be either easy or difficult to locate. Once you locate it, run fast. Sometimes you will have to jump into traffic and make your way through the cars. Other times you will be forced to wait for the perfect moment before running forward.
  • Grassy medians and lily pads are safe areas where you can rest without running the risk of being killed by a moving object.
  • Always remain near the middle of your screen, especially when using logs to move. This is also a useful tactic for traffic, because it will give you more time to react to the cars that appear from the edges of the screen.
  • Focus on moving forward and not backward or sideways. The only way to earn points for each new lane you move into. Sometimes you will need to wait for the obstacles to line up correctly, do not take too long. You will be penalized and have to start again from scratch due to the eagle which will snatch you after you fail to move forward after five seconds. The eagle will also appear immediately if you move more than two spaces backwards.
  • There is the option of pausing an accidental hop in mid-tap. Stop yourself from moving forward by holding your finger down on the screen. You will only hop forward after you release it. As long as you hold, you will remain in safe.


You must have coins to unlock new animals, by creating a path that will result in as many coins as possible.


Turn your device in landscape mode to see more of the screen, giving you more time to be alerted to traffic and obstacles.


Watch for which direction traffic is moving towards. It will always move that direction in that particular lane, as well that type of vehicle.


Look at which direction the logs are flowing and see if there are any lily pads. When lily pads are there, choose a log that must pass them.
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When the red crossing light is on it means a train is approaching. If a train has recently passed through you will be safe to move forward before the next one appears.

Police car

The police car only appears occasionally, but it drives twice as fast and is very difficult to dodge. When you hear its siren and see its lights, you have about one second before it appears.


If the the screen slowly scrolls up when you are standing still, it means the eagle is coming. When this happens, the bottom of the screen will pass you in landscape mode or almost reach you in portrait mode.


  • Right before you start a level, determine if you are playing for a better score or collecting gold. Pick a character that is better suited to your goals. Some characters that may be difficult to score with will perform better when collecting coins (for example, characters that run at night).
  • The new characters are unlocked by spending 100 coins to get one randomly (which may also result in getting a character your already have) or through an in-app purchase.

Character features

Some characters have special features.

Doge: Quotes will appear during the run, which may block your view.
Forget-Me-Not: Pink flowers appear that can be collected, but have no real effect on your score.
Grave Digger: Very dark environment, cannot see more than three lanes ahead. Gravestones and ghosts appear.
Frankenstein: Black and white environment with occasional lightning strikes.
Penguin: Grass replaced by snow and snowmen appear.
Swift Snail: Slides instead of hops, leaves a trail to show where you traveled.
Wolf: Darker environment, but is surrounded by a soft light. Easier to see coins and hazards.

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